Practices for End of Life and Longevity in Tucson’s Muslim, Jewish, Chinese, & LGBTQ Communities (Trailer)

Four short videos celebrate and reveal practices for end-of-life or health and longevity in Tucson’s Muslim, Jewish, Chinese, and LGBTQ communities. The videos, created for educational purposes, are part of the Southwest Folklife Alliance End of Life: Continuum program, which shares cultural knowledge about traditions, expressions, and practices associated with end of life, grief, mourning and death in Southern Arizona. The videos were created in collaboration with the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership and made possible with support from the Shaaron Kent Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and The David and Lura Lovell Foundation. The Southwest Folklife Alliance is an affiliate of the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

We invite viewers to reflect on their own end-of-life traditions and to spend some time thinking and planning for that eventuality. Find all four videos along with helpful guides and additional resources on SFA documentation, research, and community gatherings at

(Videos by Cáit Ní Síomón, trailer by Nate McKowen)