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Granite Mill’s beginnings start in Sugar House, 1907. In the late 1880s, Swedish immigrant Frederick R. Sandberg volunteered to help with construction of the Salt Lake LDS Temple. An expert woodworker, he labored on the spiral staircases that are still one of the signature features of Utah’s most well-known building, according to the Sandberg family. It was the first of many Utah landmarks on which his family would leave their mark. Sandberg decided to open a woodworking shop where he could put his skills to use and also provide work for other Scandinavian immigrants arriving in the Salt Lake Valley. After securing the necessary funds, he opened his mill in the “Granite Stake” neighborhood of Sugar House. When Frederick Sandberg took on his first major woodworking project in Utah more than 100 years, it was in an LDS temple. Fittingly, his descendants continue that tradition. Granite Mill has since worked on 50+ LDS temples worldwide  https://www.ksl.com/article/33210486/historic-mill-continues-to-leave-its-mark-on-utah

For Granite Mill, it has been a rough road to 100 years. After a year in operation, the original mill in Sugar House burned down. And running a family-owned business through the Depression was no easy task. Back in 1907, an old steam engine with belts and pulleys drove the shop’s original line shaft. The company even used water power at one point to run the woodworking machines. Now all it takes is the flip of a switch, and magically everything works. https://www.deseret.com/2007/12/22/20060775/granite-mill-celebrates-100-years

Granite Mill’s fine, detailed oriented, wood-working can be found in monumental, institutional, religious and residential buildings throughout the entire united States. Unforeseen by Frederick Sandberg four generations ago (circa 1907), the tradition of excellence in millwork and architectural casework live on today at Granite Mill as one of the oldest family owned and operated mills in the United States. We strive each day to stay true to our founder’s legacy of excellence and remain the best at what we do. https://www.granitemill.com/

-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

-Abravanel Hall

-Wells Fargo Center

-Cathedral of the Madeleine

-Huntsman Cancer Institute

-University of Utah Football Center

-Riverton Regional IHC Hospital